Credit notes can be used to purchase any product or service provided by UWA. Here below are the updated guidelines;


  • Two (2) reschedules are allowed for within a period up to December 2022. However, a third reschedule will need express approval from the Executive Director and will incur a 25% penalty (basing on full amount). 
  • Any reschedule to a date after 31stDecember 2021 shall follow the one (1) year rule as stipulated in our pre-COVID-19 guidelines.
  • Reschedules of permits deposited on is permissible, however for a second reschedule, permits should be fully topped up.
  • During this COVID-19 situation, permits can be rescheduled up to one (1) week before the tracking date but no reschedule(s) is permitted if the tracking date has passed.
  • Reschedule of promotional permits is only possible within the promotional period. If rescheduling to a period after the promotion has ended, you will be required to top up permits at the prevailing non-discount rates.
  • A new template has been provided to make it easier to work on all reschedules, Follow this link to download the Reschdule form.


  • Money held by UWA in the credit note arrangement for gorilla and chimp permits can be utilized to purchase any product or service including entrance fees and those products on discount during the promotional period that ends on 30th June, 2021.
  • Top up on other existing permits can also be done using the money on the credit note arrangement.
  • Permits purchased at old rate (USD 600) that were rescheduled or converted into credit note, will remain at that rate i.e. USD 600.
  • All reschedule requests and credit note related issues have to go through the UWA central registry or via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Tour Operators who still have wildlife cards, are advised to return them since they no longer work at the gates. The money on these wildlife cards will be converted into credit note statements for which the above conditions apply.