Procedures For Award Of Contract

Identification of Investment Opportunities

Management has prepared General Management Plans (GMPs) for all the main protected areas. Theses GMPs, which are written after lengthy consultation with various stack holders, identify and recommend investment opportunities within the various PAs (Protected Areas). This approach has led to a better appreciation of the number, type, size and location of the various investments within the PAs. It also saves the PAs from the demand for unplanned structures.

Procedures for Award of Contract

Management has adopted and now applies Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets, (PPDA) regulations and guidelines, which stipulate that all investment opportunities have to be advertised and all potential bidders given an equal opportunity to bid for these opportunities. The process is fair and transparent but rather lengthy. Management regularly advertises these opportunities in the media.

Determination of Concession Income

The old concession agreements provided for the payment of 5% of gross revenue to UWA as concession fees. It was hoped that as revenue from tourism activities increased, UWA’s share of the same would also increase proportionately. In practice however, the determination of investor’s gross earnings was cumbersome. Currently concession fees are charged based on visitor bed night numbers (or visitor boat rides for boat concession). Management can now determine concession revenue more accurately, as the number of visitors to the facility (activity) can be easily verified. This and other measures have led to increases in concession income over the years. The level of fees paid per investment is determined competitively during the bidding period, and revised periodically as per terms of contract. The approach may be revised from time to time

Periodic Review of Terms of Contract

The concession agreements provide for periodic reviews of terms of the agreements.

Download the attached PDF for more information on Procedures for Award of Contract, Current Concession Investments and Investments Under Consideration.